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EP 14 - Your Divine Feminine Client Attraction Playbook


Your client is on a journey. 


When they are ready, their mentor will appear to them. 


So how can you guarantee that you’ll appear as the mentor they were destined to be with? 


Your job is to find where on that journey they are ready for you. 


Consider your own journey - how did you feel during the phases of your own journey where you were ready, or not ready at all, to pull the trigger and work with somebody? 


Energy is 99% of the game. 


This is an energetic embodiment practice. Honing in on your dream clients and narrowing down your goals is key. Confusion is clutter, and the universe can’t channel when there’s confusion and clutter. 


In this week’s episode, we talk about how to refine your energy and get crystal clear with your target audience. This will allow the universe to send your ideal client directly to you when they’re ready.


Don’t let scattered energy keep you from attracting new clients. Learn more about our approach to making sure your funnel is always full of hot leads while staying true to your worth along the way. 



  1. Commanding the universe to show you the way {11:00}
  2. Is scattered energy keeping you from your sales? {12:45}
  3. Your client is on a journey; how can you meet them where they are? {15:30}


:musical_note:Tune in now to episode 14 of the DIVINE FEMME SERIES via The Calling Uncensored For Divine Feminine Leaders (hosted by Sarah) or The Aligned AF Soulpreneur Podcast (hosted by Vanessa)

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