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Re-Wilding the "Good Girl" Private Sessions

Ready to create your life from bold authenticity? 

The wild woman in you is calling and motivated by authenticity, truth, and freedom. She is ready to write her own rules and ditch the sabotaging tendencies that keep you playing small, compromising your values, and settling for less than you deserve. 

✨I trust you’re a woman who knows what she wants and you’re able to make empowered intuitive decisions…

✨I trust your intuition and the syncs that led you to me in the first place…

If you’ve landed here I trust you are ready to play the game of life full out…

Private Mentorship Includes:

  • (12) 45-minute private Intuitive coaching + activation sessions to end the people-pleasing, compromising your values, over-giving, settling, and waiting for permission to live your most authentic and Soul-aligned life - whatever that looks like for you! (3 Sessions Per Month for 4 Months)

Once you finalize your investment Sarah will reach out to coordinate a day/time for your sessions. All sessions are held Tue. - Thur. on the first three weeks of each month. DM Sarah on Instagram with any Qs.

Refund Policy: All sales are final. Please read the full terms and conditions prior to purchasing.

What Clients Are Saying:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving me what I needed right now. I see myself doing all of the incredible, amazing things I am called to do, that lights me up, and for the first time in a long time-the fear voice is silent. She has nothing to say about it right now because spirit is flowing through me so fluidly. And your guidance is a key factor in this.

Donna H.

So much of what you are saying is striking a chord within my heart and spirit. Your coaching has illuminated a lot of stuff for me and is really making me look inward and analyze why I do the things I do. I believe we are sent special people to help us along our way and that you are one of those people for me. I look forward to learning so much more. I’m not where I should be yet, but thank God, I am not where I used to be!

Jeanne B.

On last week’s call, you helped me so much! I knew I had already shifted but had worries that I was falling backward. You were a beautiful support and I had such a positive week full of inspiration. I appreciate you a lot. 

Ariana F.

I love this process! It’s like an investigation. You triggered some memories today that I was not connecting the dots to! Thank you, for calling me out! I literally thought right before I called in, “I’m not really sure what to ask about today?” But I didn’t need to, you pulled it right out of me. I’m having after shock affects by aha moments!

Kristin M.

Sarah is my personal coach. She is Ah-Mazing!!!!! She has helped me through a very difficult time and has taught me the tools that I need to get un-stuck, dissolve my fears and to be in the flow. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah if you are looking for a coach or you just need some guidance or if you need to be called out on your sh*t. LOL. Life is too precious to be living in Fear, Doubt, and Scarcity…WTF? Where’s the Fun? 

Lisa A.