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About Sarah Rose

šŸœƒ Divine Feminine Embodiment & Leadership šŸŒ¹

Sarah is a serial entrepreneur, intuitive sales and business mentor, energy healer, and feminine embodied leadership coach serving conscious and soulful female leaders, creatives, visionaries, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and personal brands primarily in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia that are here to make an impact and uplift humanity.

In her programs, Sarah Rose channels ancient sage wisdom and explores the rise of the divine feminine both individually and collectively as this consciousness penetrates all areas ofĀ mainstreamĀ societyĀ both personally and professionally.

SheĀ loves to shine a light on the feminine/masculine shadow, divine feminine archetypes, and the dualistic nature of the play of creation expressed as the feminine (yin/shakti) and masculine (yang/shiva) polarity while pointing to the underlying fabric of all existence, the unconditional LOVE that you BE.

With over 25+ years in sales, business development, and consulting, Sarah also helps bridge the gap between energetics and business to help conscious heart-centered entrepreneursĀ and personalĀ brands worldwide raise their frequency and master the art of feminine-alignedĀ sales andĀ magneticĀ marketing strategies.


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