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EP 8 - Master the energetics of sacred sales for your Spiritual Business!


I see you. You’re trying to build your confidence in sales. 


You’ve taken every sales course and read every sales script under the sun. But even though you’re doing everything “right” you’re still not landing clients. You’re still showing up to sales calls feeling nervous about sharing your offer. 


So, what gives? Well, if you’re ready to drop the fear of selling, you won’t find your solution in another technique. You’ll find your solution in the energy behind the technique. 


While it’s true that selling is a skill that can be learned and refined. Even proven sales techniques won’t work if your energy isn’t in alignment. 


It’s possible for selling to feel easy and even fun once you master the energetics of sacred sales for your business. And in today’s episode of Divine Femme, Vanessa and I are guiding you to do just that. 


You’ll walk away having mastered sacred sales, feeling excited about connecting with your soulmate clients. 


You’ll completely reframe the way you view sales conversations. They’ll go from dreaded uncomfortable sales pitches to powerful, divinely guided conversations that help you grow your income and impact. 


Sacred Sales and God Force Energy 


The art of sacred sales is available for anyone who is willing to tap into God force energy.  


When you tap into God force energy, you are birthing something that the divine wants to create through you, allowing it to manifest into 3d physical form. 


Tapping into God force energy allows you to create a program that is so magnetic to your soulmate clients, that you don’t have to push for conversions on sales calls. 


You can breathe easy and be truly present and connect with your potential client without imposing all of this pressure on yourself to land the sale. You can show up in true feminine energy, ready to recieve abundance and downloads from the divine. 


Once you tap into God-force energy you will also completely trust in the transformation that you help you clients cultivate. Your soulmate clients will feel that confidence and be ready to say “hell yes!” to your offer very early in the conversation. 


Once you master the art of sacred sales, your sales process might even start to feel so easy it’s almost like magic! That’s something we hear from our clients all the time after they’ve done this work to invite the divine into their business. 



  • The art of sacred sales is available for anyone who is willing to tap into God force energy. {4:07}   
  • In order to fully tap into sacred sales, your offer must be completely in alignment. {7:00} 
  •  Sales are about co-creation with your soulmate clients {9:50}


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xx Sarah Rose & Vanessa

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