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EP 31 - Master the F*ck Out of Your Message for Your Spiritual Business

magnetic messaging May 06, 2022


What’s the difference between people who throw sh*t at the wall to see what sticks, and people who are honed in, confident, and speak their message from the heart in order to bring in sales, enjoy their life, and enjoy their biz? 


The people who are living their best life have mastered the f*ck out of their message. That’s the difference. 


Knowing your target audience like the back of your hand - their hopes, dreams, fears, worries, and roadblocks - is key to mastering your message. Tune into this episode to learn more about how to identify these things and leverage your knowledge to create masterful messaging that will attract soulmate clients to your business.


:musical_note:Tune in now to episode 31 of the DIVINE FEMME SERIES via The Calling Uncensored For Divine Feminine Leaders (hosted by Sarah) or The Aligned AF Soulpreneur Podcast (hosted by Vanessa)

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EP 9 - Messaging 101 For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

magnetic messaging Feb 16, 2022

Clarity is king. That’s why it’s so crucial to identify the foundational elements of your brand. 


Because if you don’t know them, you can’t exude them. 


And if you can’t exude them, you won’t be able to share them with others. 


And if you can’t share them with others, you won’t be able to attract your ideal audience. So…


It all starts with identifying your core brand message.


If your business was a table, your core values are the legs that support it. And without legs, the table would topple over. 


When you rely on your core values and put them at the center of everything you do, you help your target audience tune in by making them feel seen


When you aren’t clear, your audience will disconnect. 


But we don’t want that for you, friend. 


So in this week’s episode, we’re talking all about how to identify your...

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Get crystal clear on your soulmate client avatar and who you are here to serve!

If you want to find your next soulmate client, the first step is to define your ideal client avatar. 


Now, if you’re wondering what that term means, you’re in luck with today’s episode! Listen in as Sarah and Vanessa break down how to define your ideal client avatar.


They’re covering everything from how to identify your avatar’s pain points, needs, and desires to how to craft a magnetic offer that clearly meets their needs. 


You’ll walk away from this episode knowing exactly how to identify your ideal client and craft a transformational brand story that speaks directly to their soul, making your high ticket offer irresistible to them. 


Find Your Niche and Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar

At the beginning of your spiritual business, it is helpful if you can get super specific and niche down.


When you’re deciding who you should serve, you need to make sure that working with that person is...

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