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EP 16 - The Secret to Sacred Sales in Your Spiritual Business

sacred sales Mar 11, 2022


What if instead of thinking “how am I going to call in my soulmate client?” you could bask in the glow of knowing that the abundance is already in front of you. 


The certain soul is perfectly calm because they are no longer in doubt.


Read that again. 


This is the mantra that we cover in our latest episode because we know that by eliminating doubt from your journey is what will allow you to come fully into alignment with your divine energy and purpose. 


Becoming a magnetic match to your sales and audience starts with acknowledging that YOU are your soulmate client. 


One of the most spiritual things you can do is to be abundantly open to receiving, and you can’t do that if you aren’t sure of yourself.


But we know that being sure of yourself is a journey. That’s why you can tune in to hear us talk about the key to removing doubt and grabbing hold of the abundance that’s right in...

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EP 8 - Master the energetics of sacred sales for your Spiritual Business!


I see you. You’re trying to build your confidence in sales. 


You’ve taken every sales course and read every sales script under the sun. But even though you’re doing everything “right” you’re still not landing clients. You’re still showing up to sales calls feeling nervous about sharing your offer. 


So, what gives? Well, if you’re ready to drop the fear of selling, you won’t find your solution in another technique. You’ll find your solution in the energy behind the technique. 


While it’s true that selling is a skill that can be learned and refined. Even proven sales techniques won’t work if your energy isn’t in alignment. 


It’s possible for selling to feel easy and even fun once you master the energetics of sacred sales for your business. And in today’s episode of Divine Femme, Vanessa and I are guiding you to do just that. 



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How to craft irresistible high ticket offers

Women are especially good at undervaluing or second-guessing themselves, especially when it comes to our business. 


That’s why creating impactful, irresistible high ticket offers that attract soulmate clients can be a difficult process for those struggling to harness their divine femininity so they can get their spiritual business off the ground. 


Valuing ourselves the way we deserve can take time, but when it comes to our businesses and income, the answer is simple…


You deserve to be valued.


You deserve to work with people who set your soul on fire. You deserve to earn an income that supports your dedication to others. 


Taking steps back to assess just how much value we can bring to the table for our clients is a great first step to creating offers that support you and your business the way you deserve. 


Ask yourself what you needed when you were in their shoes.


Because whether it was months or years...

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