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How to shift into an abundance mindset so you can raise your prices with ease!


Are you struggling to raise your prices? If so, it’s time to shift into an abundance mindset. 


You see, when it comes to increasing your rates, more often than not, your mindset is the barrier that stands in the way. 


It’s not a matter of whether or not there are people out there who are willing to pay you – there definitely are! 


So, if you’re struggling to raise your rates, let’s make sure that we’re working to solve the right problem. 


The problem we need to solve: Overcoming Scarcity Mindset 


If you’re ready to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset so you can raise your rates with ease, you don’t want to miss today’s episode of Divine Femme! 


Listen in as Sarah and Vanessa reveal their favorite abundance mindset affirmation that will help you start to believe that you are the prize clients seek. 


You’ll walk away from this episode knowing that you are completely worthy, with a newfound sacral confidence that allows you to raise your rates without a second thought. 



  1.  Allow sacral confidence into your life by embracing worthiness. {3:45}
  2. Your space and energy are why people pay you, not your program stuffing.  {5:13}. 
  3. Your space is your integrity and wisdom. This is what creates priceless value. {5:56} 
  4. There is no competition because no one is you. {7:21}
  5. We live in an abundant universe where there is more than enough for everyone. {8:27} 
  6. Adopt an abundance mindset through the affirmation “I am the prize.” {10:40}  


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