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EP 29 - Calling Out The Coaching Industry *Cough Cough* Bullshit

feminine energy Apr 27, 2022


The bravado is bullsh*t. 


When we see entrepreneurs in the coaching industry exaggerating their big wins and ballooning their income numbers, it tends to piss us off. Why? Because it’s dangerous.


It’s dangerous to present a false sense of reality to the people who trust you.


It’s dangerous to exaggerate your success to people who are considering spending their money with you.


And we just aren’t down with that. 


So we’re calling out those coaches. 


This week, we’re making an effort to bring awareness to some of the dangers to look out for when shopping for a coach or marketing your own coaching services. Because authenticity is key, babes.


We’re holding spiritual entrepreneurs to a higher standard.


Because we know they can meet our expectations of leading with transparency, prioritizing authenticity, and not presenting a false sense of self in order to win clients or make a quick buck. 

In this episode, we’re calling out some of the traditional industry bullsh*t that tends to make us angry. You can learn what to look out for as a client or what to avoid as a coach. 


  1. The goal of actually having and living what we’re saying {3:30}
  2. Building your business on integrity and alignment {5:40}
  3. How does God want to create through me? {15:35}


:musical_note:Tune in now to episode 29 of the DIVINE FEMME SERIES via The Calling Uncensored for Divine Feminine Leaders (hosted by Sarah) or The Aligned AF Soulpreneur Podcast (hosted by Vanessa)

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xx Sarah Rose & Vanessa

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