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EP 20 - Consciousness is the Only Reality

spiritual alignment Mar 25, 2022


The only reality that truly exists is consciousness. 


And it’s in a conscious state of being where you’ll find bountiful success, happiness, and energy. Because, quite frankly, the rest of the noisy chaos that surrounds us in the world isn’t real. It’s just a distraction, and when you learn how to tune it out and instead tune into consciousness, you’ll find unlimited success.


When it comes to the reality of the 3D world, it can often feel like there’s endless pressure to subscribe to this noise that surrounds us. 


But you don’t have to give in. Stop investing in the chaos and the drama of the world around you and instead, start channeling directly through your own consciousness to find success. 


You’ll manifest in your reality what you are conscious of being.


Read that again…you manifest what you’re aware of. And by tapping into consciousness and acknowledging all that you are and all that you were made to do, you can make that your reality. 


It isn’t an exaggeration to say you become what you believe you are. You invite success in the door as soon as you become conscious of the fact that you ARE success. 


In this episode, we share personal anecdotes about what it means to channel consciousness, and how this mindset can shape your success as a person, a business owner, and a divinely feminine woman. 



  1. Rising above hatred, jealousy, comparison, and other low vibrations {5:45}
  2. How to shift your perspective of consciousness {8:30}
  3. A raw, uncensored event you don’t want to miss {10:45}


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