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Get crystal clear on your soulmate client avatar and who you are here to serve!

If you want to find your next soulmate client, the first step is to define your ideal client avatar. 


Now, if you’re wondering what that term means, you’re in luck with today’s episode! Listen in as Sarah and Vanessa break down how to define your ideal client avatar.


They’re covering everything from how to identify your avatar’s pain points, needs, and desires to how to craft a magnetic offer that clearly meets their needs. 


You’ll walk away from this episode knowing exactly how to identify your ideal client and craft a transformational brand story that speaks directly to their soul, making your high ticket offer irresistible to them. 


Find Your Niche and Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar

At the beginning of your spiritual business, it is helpful if you can get super specific and niche down.


When you’re deciding who you should serve, you need to make sure that working with that person is going to light you the fuck up. You want to feel so alive when you think about serving and teaching them. 

The cool thing is that a lot of time your ideal client avatar is going to be a past version of yourself. It can be helpful to think about where you were five years ago. Ask yourself questions like – At that time, what was I thinking about? What was I struggling with? What challenges did I conquer? 


If you ever struggle with imposter syndrome, this exercise is going to be transformational for you because you’ll be able to identify what you have conquered. You’ll be able to see that you have the credibility to coach and teach others about what you’ve been through. 


Craft Your Transformational Brand Story 

As you craft your transformational brand story, keep in mind that your soulmate client is a younger version of you. Here is a brand story exercise that you can do to get clear on that journey:


I like to draw a bridge on a piece of paper. On one side, you have your starting point. On the opposite side is where you ended up with your transformative result. 


As you’re sketching this out, think about where you started in your journey and where you ended up. Then, think about the main result that you're feeling called to teach about. And even if you don't know where that is, you can start to draw a line right through the middle of that. Lastly, think about what have you achieved or conquered? 


The timeline of the transformative journey is key. It is important to tune into where your ideal client is at on this journey and determine when they’ll be ready for a mentor to help them. This is key because if you talk to your ideal client too soon, then what you're sharing isn't going to resonate with them.


So you need to dive into the needs and desires of your particular soulmate, client avatar. Identify exactly where they are on the timeline of the transformation that you want to help them with and get into. Their thoughts, their actions, what they're manifesting, what they're believing to be true, what they think their needs are in this moment. 



  1. Identifying your Ideal Client Avatar: Who is your soulmate client? {13:45} 
  2. How to craft your transformational brand story {16:37} 
  3. How to get in touch with your soulmate client’s needs, desires, and pain points {19:25} 


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