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How to craft irresistible high ticket offers

Women are especially good at undervaluing or second-guessing themselves, especially when it comes to our business. 


That’s why creating impactful, irresistible high ticket offers that attract soulmate clients can be a difficult process for those struggling to harness their divine femininity so they can get their spiritual business off the ground. 


Valuing ourselves the way we deserve can take time, but when it comes to our businesses and income, the answer is simple…


You deserve to be valued.


You deserve to work with people who set your soul on fire. You deserve to earn an income that supports your dedication to others. 


Taking steps back to assess just how much value we can bring to the table for our clients is a great first step to creating offers that support you and your business the way you deserve. 


Ask yourself what you needed when you were in their shoes.


Because whether it was months or years ago, you were right where they are. Tap into your own power and harness vulnerability to figure out what you needed, how you wanted to be served, and what you did to feel more aligned with your business.


Then, build an offer that meets those needs for your soulmate clients. The rest will fall neatly into place.



  1. Spoiler alert: [your soulmate client] is likely going to be a younger version of you. {6:15}
  2. Dive deeper into actually identifying the transformative results that you will help them with through your program. {7:20}
  3. Don’t overthink it…you’re very intuitive, you’re very tapped in. {11:08}
  4. It is built from the inside out. It's aligned with our soul. It's something that we're already doing. It's something we already value. And it's a no-brainer for us to create a program around something that we've already achieved results in, in our own life. {14:40}


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