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EP 27 - 3 Ways to Build Trust With Your Audience & Grow Your Spiritual Business


People hire people that they trust. 


But does your audience trust you? If you want them to know they can, you have to nail the three things we’re covering in today’s episode. 


Want to show up as an expert in your niche? You need to exude confidence and put your divinity on display. Otherwise, how can you expect your audience to want to spend their time, energy, and money with you? 


You’ve mastered your offerings, but have you mastered your delivery? 


For most spiritual entrepreneurs, they’ve mastered the art of their own practice - the services they offer - but are still working to perfect their delivery - how they share big wins, big failures, and everything in between with their audience.


Tune into this episode to learn how to exude brilliance and show up authentically so that your audience knows EXACTLY who to reach out to as soon as they’re ready. 



  1. The number one...
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EP 26 - Expect, Expand & Do Whatever The F It Takes in Your Spiritual Business!


Gone are the days of asking. Now, we’re expecting. 


Expect, and you shall receive. When your expectations and your goals go hand-in-hand, the universe shows up to answer you. 


And when those expectations align with the expansion of your business and the energy it takes to get there, sister, you are unstoppable. 


You can’t half-ass greatness. 


So while it might sound easy to expect things to fall into place and step up to the plate in your business, you also have to be willing to go the extra mile and do WHATEVER it takes to get to where you want to go.


In this short-but-sweet episode, we’ll give you the kick in the ass you might need to start expecting, expanding and doing whatever the F*CK it takes to chase down your goals. Tune in! 



  1. What it means to EXPECT as a spiritual entrepreneur {2:25}
  2. How to EXPAND your soul and avoid failure {3:55}
  3. Deciding to do whatever the F*CK it takes...
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EP 25 - 3 Things Your Spiritual Business MUST Have


We’re here to break down barriers that keep you from giving your business your best. 


You’re here to make an impact, and we’re here to make that happen. When it comes to being a spiritual entrepreneur, you get back what you put in. But are you putting in the right work to see the results you desire? 


There are three things that we know to be true when it comes to turning a side-hustle into a thriving, successful business. 


And we want to give you the gift of intimately knowing these three things so you can prioritize them in your own business, babe. 


We’ve packed it all into this juicy one-hour episode.


In an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to check in with yourself, prioritize a sustainable business model, and THRIVE as a spiritual entrepreneur, we’ve spilled all of our best tips and tricks into this episode.


Tune in to learn more about the crucial must-haves that your...

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EP 24 - Stepping into Next Level Responsibility as You Expand Your Spiritual Business

spiritual alignment Apr 08, 2022


Let the universe catch you in a trust fall. 


And trust us when we say that it will catch you. But you have to trust in yourself, first. In fact, you have to trust yourself so wholeheartedly that you already know shit is getting done. If you’re on a journey to expand your business and step into next level responsibility, it can be easy to get tripped up by feelings of inadequacy or fear. But you have to remember…


Things are happening. Momentum is building. And once you start to believe that, the rest falls into place.


Because you’re bigger than your body. You’re even bigger than your soul. And once you start to harness the power of the divine source, you’ll find that the added responsibility that comes with expansion feels just right.


You are unapologetically divine.


And everything you create should be an expression of that. It comes down to knowing the importance of unwavering faith. Faith in yourself,...

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EP 23 - 4 Myths To Growing Your Spiritual Business + Hitting 5-Figure Sales


What industry myths are you falling for that are keeping you from feeling confident? 


We’re willing to bet that there are a few rumors floating around your corner of the internet that tend to make you feel inadequate or like you’re doing something wrong. Myths like these can actually hold us back from taking steps forward or guide us in the wrong direction.


That’s why we think it’s so important to stay transparent with one another as spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders. We want to keep you from spinning your wheels and sabotaging your success. So…


We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 myths that we’ve seen hold others back from growing. 


And we want to share them with you, friend. We’re sharing them because we don’t want these myths to continue suffocating business owners and stealing their joy. From email lists to sales pages to social media audiences and everything in between; where...

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EP 22 - The Divine Feminine Art of Joyful Creation

spiritual alignment Apr 01, 2022


Let go of what doesn’t serve you and tap into what does in order to master the art of divine feminine joyful creation.


If you’re creating from a state of lack (aka holding on to what doesn’t serve you and letting problems of the past get in the way of taking steps forward), we can practically guarantee that you don’t feel like you’re thriving.


And if you’re busy focusing on what’s behind you (the good, the bad, and the ugly), it’s going to feel impossible to take successful, bountiful steps forward towards a divinely focused chapter of your life. 


But mastering the art of joyful creation can be easier said than done, as it involves steps that challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone, leave things behind, and step into a higher version of yourself.


Let us guide you down our metaphorical magic path.


In this week’s episode, we’re excited to help you let go of the...

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EP 21 - Spiritual Entrepreneur, Stop Thinking Your Next “Level” Is Outside of You


Stop asking yourself why you aren’t hitting your next level. 


Asking where it is or wondering why you can’t achieve the next step along your journey implies that you’re separated from it when in reality, it’s already inside of you. 


When it comes to spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s all too common for us to see a sense of conflict and curiosity surrounding the next step. 

  • Where else can I go?
  • What else can I offer? 
  • Do I need to hire a coach or mentor?


These questions can help you find answers or clarity, but we’re going to let you in on a little secret…


Ultimately, the shift that gets you to your next level is totally internal. 


Regardless of whether or not you hire a mentor or make an investment in yourself, the change will come from within you (hint: everything you need to take the next step is already inside of you). 


At the end of the day, even the very best...

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EP 20 - Consciousness is the Only Reality

spiritual alignment Mar 25, 2022


The only reality that truly exists is consciousness. 


And it’s in a conscious state of being where you’ll find bountiful success, happiness, and energy. Because, quite frankly, the rest of the noisy chaos that surrounds us in the world isn’t real. It’s just a distraction, and when you learn how to tune it out and instead tune into consciousness, you’ll find unlimited success.


When it comes to the reality of the 3D world, it can often feel like there’s endless pressure to subscribe to this noise that surrounds us. 


But you don’t have to give in. Stop investing in the chaos and the drama of the world around you and instead, start channeling directly through your own consciousness to find success. 


You’ll manifest in your reality what you are conscious of being.


Read that again…you manifest what you’re aware of. And by tapping into consciousness and acknowledging all...

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EP 19 - Scaling Your Spiritual Business To 5-Figure Sales Organically


Your soul-aligned spiritual business will never lead you to compromise on your desires.


So if compromise is calling, hang up. So often we see and hear stories of people in our community hesitating to make difficult decisions in order to scale their business because they feel guilty doing so. 


If you feel guilty taking on more clients, adjusting your offerings, or making changes in your business because you feel like it’s going to take away from your freedom, it’s most definitely time for you to scale, sister. 


And we say that because we’ve been there. We know what it feels like to consider compromising on our values in order to accommodate more clients, a different income structure, or a schedule that works for us. 


But compromise isn’t necessary, and neither is the guilt.


You get to have it all if you’re willing to show up for that and allow that to be your reality.


As empaths, healers,...

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EP 18 - And Then The Divine Feminine Leader Just Decided She Was Meant To Have It ALL!

spiritual alignment Mar 18, 2022


Ditch the FOMO, divine feminine leader. 


Stop sitting on the sidelines watching other people live their dreams when you could be living your own best life instead. 


Deciding that you’re meant to have it all is really all it takes to start channeling the gifts of the universe and go all in on yourself. But until you can flip out of fear-based decision making, nothing is going to change. 


Instead of watching other people live their dreams and wondering why you aren’t doing the same, draw the energetic line in the sand to set a standard for yourself. 


If something isn’t in alignment with your line in the sand…if it doesn’t light you up…if it doesn’t call in the abundance…


Just say no. 


Say no to the things that don’t set your soul on fire. Say no to avenues that don’t feel aligned with your soul and your divine purpose. Say no to things that...

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