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EP 7 - Spiritual Entrepreneurs! Angel Number Pricing Doesn't Mean Your Program is Aligned

aligned pricing Feb 09, 2022

In order for the results of your program to be in alignment, you and your program need to be in alignment. Otherwise, the result is just more misalignment. 

So, what can you do to set yourself up for success when it comes to pricing your program? 

Ask yourself if your program and pricing is in alignment with your core values. 

There’s a better way to run your business than being overbooked, overworked, and downright exhausted 24/7. You don’t have to hustle harder to bring in the income you’re dreaming of.

Stop undercharging for your services and overextending your energy supply only to wake up and do it all over again the next day. Create a program and pricing structure that works for you. 

Identify the values you hold highest. 

Start by figuring out what kind of program you want to build to suit your lifestyle. How much will it bring in? How much energy, time, and investment will it require from you? 
Reverse engineer your lifestyle...

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EP 6 - How Easy $10k Can Be Working 4-6 Hours Per Month in Your Spiritual Business

Uncategorized Feb 04, 2022

Learning to work less and earn more in your spiritual busines is easier said than done. Figuring out how to increase income without increasing output is one of the hurdles that many coaches face as they work towards a freedom lifestyle and business structure that supports divine femine flow. 


After all, you deserve to be paid for the value you provide but that doesn’t mean you need to be “on” 24/7, or even for the stereotypical 9-5 workday.  


You don’t have to trade your time or energy for more money. 


Most people think that if they invest more, they’ll earn more. And while that’s true in many areas of life, it isn’t the only way to approach an optimized, profitable business. 


Your divine energy is precious, and should be spent on things that make you feel fulfilled. Our goal is to help you spend a little bit of time to create a whole lot of income. 


Creating premium programs...

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How to craft irresistible high ticket offers

Women are especially good at undervaluing or second-guessing themselves, especially when it comes to our business. 


That’s why creating impactful, irresistible high ticket offers that attract soulmate clients can be a difficult process for those struggling to harness their divine femininity so they can get their spiritual business off the ground. 


Valuing ourselves the way we deserve can take time, but when it comes to our businesses and income, the answer is simple…


You deserve to be valued.


You deserve to work with people who set your soul on fire. You deserve to earn an income that supports your dedication to others. 


Taking steps back to assess just how much value we can bring to the table for our clients is a great first step to creating offers that support you and your business the way you deserve. 


Ask yourself what you needed when you were in their shoes.


Because whether it was months or years...

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Get crystal clear on your soulmate client avatar and who you are here to serve!

If you want to find your next soulmate client, the first step is to define your ideal client avatar. 


Now, if you’re wondering what that term means, you’re in luck with today’s episode! Listen in as Sarah and Vanessa break down how to define your ideal client avatar.


They’re covering everything from how to identify your avatar’s pain points, needs, and desires to how to craft a magnetic offer that clearly meets their needs. 


You’ll walk away from this episode knowing exactly how to identify your ideal client and craft a transformational brand story that speaks directly to their soul, making your high ticket offer irresistible to them. 


Find Your Niche and Identify Your Ideal Client Avatar

At the beginning of your spiritual business, it is helpful if you can get super specific and niche down.


When you’re deciding who you should serve, you need to make sure that working with that person is...

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How to shift into an abundance mindset so you can raise your prices with ease!


Are you struggling to raise your prices? If so, it’s time to shift into an abundance mindset. 


You see, when it comes to increasing your rates, more often than not, your mindset is the barrier that stands in the way. 


It’s not a matter of whether or not there are people out there who are willing to pay you – there definitely are! 


So, if you’re struggling to raise your rates, let’s make sure that we’re working to solve the right problem. 


The problem we need to solve: Overcoming Scarcity Mindset 


If you’re ready to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset so you can raise your rates with ease, you don’t want to miss today’s episode of Divine Femme! 


Listen in as Sarah and Vanessa reveal their favorite abundance mindset affirmation that will help you start to believe that you are the prize clients seek. 


You’ll walk away...

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Why Manifestation Techniques Are not Working, How to Manifest when it Seems Impossible


Something we hear from clients all of the time is, “I’ve tried every manifestation technique and nothing is working!” 

If this sounds like you, you’re going to want to stick around for today’s episode. 

Today, Sarah and Vanessa are uncovering the biggest manifestation mistake they see spiritual entrepreneurs making. Plus, they’re diving into the divine feminine power of detachment, which is the key to manifesting faster. 

This episode will empower you to get out of your own way so you can collapse timelines and finally allow the universe to deliver the desires in your heart. 




  1. Manifesting techniques won’t work if your energy is coming from an energy of lack. {8:00} 
  2. The key to manifesting faster is coming from a space of true surrender, but what does that actually look like? {9:30} 
  3. Common manifestation myths and what to do instead {12:30}   


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Divine Feminine Energy: Harnessing the Power of Trust, Surrender, and Detachment

What is divine feminine energy? How can we leverage the power of divine feminine energy to navigate difficult times in our spiritual businesses? 

The truth is that none of us learn to harness the Divine Feminine Power of Trust, Surrender, and Detachment overnight. 

It’s a journey. A journey that you don’t have to go on alone. Come listen as we uncover what we know to be true when it comes to trusting the universe so that you can find true alignment. 




  1. The universe will challenge you as you come into alignment. {2:10} 
  2. Even when it feels like life is a total shit show, nothing is falling apart. Everything is falling into place. {5:42} 
  3. When the universe is clearing away what is no longer serving us it can feel uncomfortable, but It is only uncomfortable to the degree that we resist it. {9:50}
  4. The more that you're able to fall into this faith and surrender and detach from that and witness it. This...
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