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EP 33 - The key to selling with confidence in your spiritual business


What if we could wave a magic wand and remove the big barriers that are keeping you from showing up and selling with confidence? If you’re ready to ditch the comparison trap and start unapologetically sharing your gifts and offers with the world, this episode is the loving spiritual spanking that you need! Listen in as we teach you how to STOP viewing sales as a dirty word so you can finally shed the limiting beliefs that are stifling your sales and blocking your ability to receive abundance and fulfill your mission in this world.

:musical_note:Tune in now to episode 33 of the DIVINE FEMME SERIES via The Calling Uncensored For Divine Feminine Leaders (hosted by Sarah) or The Aligned AF Soulpreneur Podcast (hosted by Vanessa)

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EP 30 - How to Activate the Magician in Your Marketing


Your marketing and messaging should be divinely guided.


This is the best way to ensure that your energy flows through your strategic communications when attracting soulmate clients to your business. 


Don’t overcomplicate the process. It’s totally possible for you to activate your high priestess archetype in order to get big wins for your biz. Want to know how? 


Here’s what we do: 

  • We put ourselves into a space in order to receive and capture
  • We trust what’s coming through
  • We implement our dreams and take action


That’s it. Just three simple steps. 


Want to know more about how you can implement these steps into your own marketing process in order to feel like a magician for your business? 


Tune into this episode to learn more about how we leverage both our feminine and masculine energies to make magic across our marketing strategies. We’ll help you understand how to channel...

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EP 27 - 3 Ways to Build Trust With Your Audience & Grow Your Spiritual Business


People hire people that they trust. 


But does your audience trust you? If you want them to know they can, you have to nail the three things we’re covering in today’s episode. 


Want to show up as an expert in your niche? You need to exude confidence and put your divinity on display. Otherwise, how can you expect your audience to want to spend their time, energy, and money with you? 


You’ve mastered your offerings, but have you mastered your delivery? 


For most spiritual entrepreneurs, they’ve mastered the art of their own practice - the services they offer - but are still working to perfect their delivery - how they share big wins, big failures, and everything in between with their audience.


Tune into this episode to learn how to exude brilliance and show up authentically so that your audience knows EXACTLY who to reach out to as soon as they’re ready. 



  1. The number one...
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EP 25 - 3 Things Your Spiritual Business MUST Have


We’re here to break down barriers that keep you from giving your business your best. 


You’re here to make an impact, and we’re here to make that happen. When it comes to being a spiritual entrepreneur, you get back what you put in. But are you putting in the right work to see the results you desire? 


There are three things that we know to be true when it comes to turning a side-hustle into a thriving, successful business. 


And we want to give you the gift of intimately knowing these three things so you can prioritize them in your own business, babe. 


We’ve packed it all into this juicy one-hour episode.


In an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to check in with yourself, prioritize a sustainable business model, and THRIVE as a spiritual entrepreneur, we’ve spilled all of our best tips and tricks into this episode.


Tune in to learn more about the crucial must-haves that your...

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EP 23 - 4 Myths To Growing Your Spiritual Business + Hitting 5-Figure Sales


What industry myths are you falling for that are keeping you from feeling confident? 


We’re willing to bet that there are a few rumors floating around your corner of the internet that tend to make you feel inadequate or like you’re doing something wrong. Myths like these can actually hold us back from taking steps forward or guide us in the wrong direction.


That’s why we think it’s so important to stay transparent with one another as spiritual entrepreneurs and leaders. We want to keep you from spinning your wheels and sabotaging your success. So…


We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 myths that we’ve seen hold others back from growing. 


And we want to share them with you, friend. We’re sharing them because we don’t want these myths to continue suffocating business owners and stealing their joy. From email lists to sales pages to social media audiences and everything in between; where...

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EP 19 - Scaling Your Spiritual Business To 5-Figure Sales Organically


Your soul-aligned spiritual business will never lead you to compromise on your desires.


So if compromise is calling, hang up. So often we see and hear stories of people in our community hesitating to make difficult decisions in order to scale their business because they feel guilty doing so. 


If you feel guilty taking on more clients, adjusting your offerings, or making changes in your business because you feel like it’s going to take away from your freedom, it’s most definitely time for you to scale, sister. 


And we say that because we’ve been there. We know what it feels like to consider compromising on our values in order to accommodate more clients, a different income structure, or a schedule that works for us. 


But compromise isn’t necessary, and neither is the guilt.


You get to have it all if you’re willing to show up for that and allow that to be your reality.


As empaths, healers,...

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EP 17 - How to Stop Playing Small in Your Spiritual Business


You aren’t doing yourself any favors by shrinking into the shadows.


In fact, it might feel easier to take the path of least resistance now, but doing so is actually halting your progress as a divinely feminine leader, doer, and magic maker. 


Showing up as your truest, most authentic self is the only way to ascend to the next level and enter a life that supports your true essence. 


But sometimes showing up authentically and fully is easier said than done. So what steps can you take to avoid playing small in your own life? 


Avoid self-sabotaging and step up instead. 


Fear-based belief systems will only continue to keep you from greatness, my friend, and if you’re ready to ditch these belief systems and step into your higher power, then you’ve already taken the first step. 


Instead of playing small, let’s prioritize what’s best for you and your lifestyle. Get our take on self...

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EP 14 - Your Divine Feminine Client Attraction Playbook


Your client is on a journey. 


When they are ready, their mentor will appear to them. 


So how can you guarantee that you’ll appear as the mentor they were destined to be with? 


Your job is to find where on that journey they are ready for you. 


Consider your own journey - how did you feel during the phases of your own journey where you were ready, or not ready at all, to pull the trigger and work with somebody? 


Energy is 99% of the game. 


This is an energetic embodiment practice. Honing in on your dream clients and narrowing down your goals is key. Confusion is clutter, and the universe can’t channel when there’s confusion and clutter. 


In this week’s episode, we talk about how to refine your energy and get crystal clear with your target audience. This will allow the universe to send your ideal client directly to you when they’re ready.


Don’t let...

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EP 13 - The Spiritual Entrepreneur's Guide to Crushing Sales Calls


You can’t afford to sell yourself short anymore, so don’t. 


The number one way we see clients miss out on extra income or more validation of their value is by undercharging on their services because they’re just too eager to close a deal. 


But what if we told you that more often than not, we see entrepreneurs like you get even MORE inquiries immediately after raising their prices?


When your potential students and clients see just how much you value yourself, they’re more likely to value you, too. 


Our latest episode covers the crucial elements of a successful, soul-aligned sales call and helps you harness your most divine energy in order to have powerful conversations with soulmate clients.


The goal? We want to help you close more deals, make more money, and feel totally aligned with your business. All of this is achievable if you’re willing to show up, take notes, and make sales calls work for...

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EP 11 - Your Divine Feminine Freedom Lifestyle Formula

Are you intentional about creating space in your day to do only what your soul is calling you to do? 


If you answered no, you’re going to want to stick around for this episode. Today, Vanessa and I are walking you through the process of reverse engineering your freedom lifestyle. 


In simple terms, we’re helping you get intentional about creating a day-to-day schedule that supports your spiritual and business growth.


Step One: What’s your freedom lifestyle formula? 


What are the things that you need to prioritize and experience in order to have a guaranteed great day, where you feel like you have the time and the space to put down all of the busy work, and give yourself permission to do absolutely only what your soul is calling you to do. 


What if you could structure your day to include each piece of your freedom lifestyle formula on a daily basis? 


How would your outlook on life change?

How would...

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